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On the Go Coke Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

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On the Go Coke Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Our On the Go Coke Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print certainly demonstrates that few brands are as powerful as Coca-Cola. With more than a century of history none match Coke for longevity, tradition, and creativity. Now you can own a piece of the Coke tradition with this colorful “On the Go Coke” vintage art gallery wrapped canvas print.

Coca-Cola has been bringing happiness into people’s lives since 1886. Have a Coke and smile at this officially licensed canvas print while bringing back a favorite Coca-Cola memory. Embrace the nostalgia of Soda Fountains, popping open a Coca-Cola bottle on a picnic or simply sit back and enjoy that delicious, refreshing flavor that only Coca-Cola has by bringing a piece of the world’s most recognized brand into your home.

Giclee´ (jee-clay) is an advanced print making process for creating high quality fine art reproductions. The attainable excellence that Giclee´ printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original artwork. The result is wide acceptance of Giclee´ by galleries, museums, and private collectors.

This Vintage Coca-Cola Artwork measures 12 x 30 inches.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 12 in